The Salt Lake Temple

In origami a model needs to represent the major features of an object. I have strived to do this with the following model of the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Basic Instructions

This line is a valley fold. Folding it within the shape.

This is a mountain fold . Folding down away from the line into a peak.




Start with a square piece of paper and crease the middle line to be a mark for the  outer lines. Fold the outer edges into the center line.
This is to  make the  square into a long rectangle, as shown in figure 3.

Along the middle of the rectangle  fold the figure in half to look like  figure 4 below.


Next, fold up along the half of the small square and do the same to the back flap. It should appear as the letter "W."  See figure 6. Turn it over  to be like an "M."



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